Book Blogger Appreciation

I’ve already thanked them on Twitter, but I felt like maybe a little more detail would be in order.

Petrik is very well known in the blogger world @PetrikReads on Twitter, and his influence on me started on Goodreads. When I first joined, all I ever saw was his name at the top of every review list of book that I was looking at. The detail he went into to tell you things without giving it away blew my mind.

From there I added him on Twitter and subscribed to his YouTube channel, I found out that there was this whole other world happening on Twitter. All these bloggers communicating with each other, sharing books and reviews with each other and authors. It is because of Petrik I found this world.

Then I found Fanfiaddict, @dwalters29 on Twitter and as with Petrik, I found myself delving even deeper into this world I didn’t realize existed. David was looking to add new bloggers to his team, and I told them that I would love to but I’m just not ready yet.

So I started working harder on writing reviews and getting better at them. Understanding what I needed to get into a review to make it not only educational about the book, but also enjoyable. So without that I wouldn’t be here today.

Through Fanfiaddict, I met fellow Draleid pal David S @BookMeanderings on Twitter. Who, like Petrik and David W helped me again, delve even further into the Twitter world.

There are many other bloggers that I could also thank, because each and every one of them deserve a round of applause for the work they put into the reviews, interviews with authors, judging SPFBO, SPSFC, etc. Thank you all for what you do, I’m proud to join this world!

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