NFL Mock Draft 1.0


Lions need to move on from Jared Goff and into the future. Matt Corral is the best QB in this years draft by a long shot. Although would likely be QB4 compared to the 2021 class.

QB isn’t a great position to draft this high up in this draft with Corral gone. So protecting the QB is the next best option. Evan Neal can play RT opposite of Tunsil and likely replace him at LT when the time comes.

(Miami trade up for Waddle) Need a CB on the opposite side of Slay to combat the slew of WR’s that the Cowboys and other teams have.

With many holes to fill on both sides of the ball, taking the best edge rusher and possibly defensive player in the draft is the best thing for Jacksonville to do.

The Giants need help on the offensive line and several places on defense. The defense could use a guy to help bring more pressure on opposing QB’s along with 2nd round pick from 2021, Azeez Ojulari.

WR isn’t as huge of a need as other positions, especially on defense. 1st round pick from the 2020 draft, Denzel Mims, has been a bust and they need more playmakers on the offense to help Zach Wilson succeed.

Cornerback is a major need for the defense with the trade of Stephon Gilmore. JC Jackson who is on a 1 year deal has had to take the lead as CB1. So filling the void of 1 or both is of the utmost importance.

(Wentz trade to Colts) Philly has been missing a good safety since Dawkins retired. Hamilton is a stud and could provide the major help the defense has needed, along with first pick, Stingley.

A QB could be a possibility, but Heinicke has not been bad and Washington could give him another year if he continues to play well. WR is a big need, there is nobody outside of Terry McLaurin to get the ball to consistently.

(Seahawks trade for Adams) With Becton at OT, and 1st round pick from the 2021 draft, Vera-Tucker at G, solidifying the line with another big interior piece is exactly what the Jets need for Wilson to thrive.

Adding ANOTHER WR and former teammate of Hurts and DeVonta to the mix. Philly desperately needs more playmakers for the offense.

The OL needs more work as does several defensive positions, but Atlanta also needs to find a successor to Matt Ryan before it’s too late. While this class is not near as strong as the 2021 class. Howell is a guy the Falcons should look at drafting.

(49ers trade up for Lance) The OL is atrocious and needs help. Austin Jackson is a bust at Tackle and is now playing LG. Kinnard can provide a huge body inside and replace Jackson who will likely be relegated to a backup role or back to RT to replace Jesse Davis.

Broncos passed on a QB last year for another CB for their defense. Bridgewater hasn’t been bad, but hasn’t been great either. Pickett is not on many peoples 1st round QB lists, but he’s a riser and will likely be there by draft time.

Carolina needs OL more than anything else, unfortunately like the QB class, OT is not very strong this year, and in this mock, both Guards are already off the board. Leal can play DE/DT providing the defense with more stopping power.

CB seems to always be a need in Minnesota, Peterson is only under contract for 1 year and will either need to replace him or give their defense help on the other side.

Clowney signed a 1 year deal in 2021 and if he’s not brought back that position will need to be filled. DT is also a big possibility with Malik Jackson, Malik McDowell and Andrew Billings all becoming FA’s.

LB and CB are the two biggest needs for KC’s defense. LB’s are not very high in this class and KC could very well grab one in the 2nd like they did in the 2021 draft with Nick Bolton, so CB is the best option in the 1st round.

(Bears trade up for Fields) Fixing the OL is more important if Kinnard or Green are available, but if not… Giants go defense again to solidify the line with a huge “hog molly” to shut down the opposing teams run game with Danny Shelton and Austin Johnson becoming FA’s at seasons end.

OL and QB are the biggest needs. Waiting on a QB is the best option while going with the OT2 in the class to provide some protection for the QB and some needed blocking for Najee.

Getting some real WR help to go along with Michael Thomas, if he’s not traded off, will be a huge bonus for Jameis and the offense.

Not many holes to fill. Guard and DT are options but the defense needs help on the opposite side of Tre’Davious White at corner.

Bengals need to add to the OL in a big way after passing on Penei Sewell in last years draft for Ja’Marr Chase.

Defense needs a lot of work, Myjai is a LB/E guy that can provide a lot of pressure on blitzes with Dupree. CB is also a possibility now that 2021 1st round pick Caleb Farley has sustained his 2nd torn ACL in 3 years.

Now that Gruden is gone, Mayock will be drafting himself (maybe). Replacing the bad pick of Clelin Ferrell is of the most importance for that D-line to succeed.

Chargers need more LB help with Kenneth Murray on defense. The LB class is a bit weak and nobody is really standing out over another right now. This could also be Alabama’s Harris, or Georgia’s Dean.

ThE pAcKeRs DoNt DrAfT pLaMaKeRs In ThE fIrSt RoUnD. Packers opt to take a playmaker to go along with Adams to provide Love with a pair of great WR’s that Rodgers never got to have while in GB. Packers will do Packers things and not do this, but I will continue to mock a WR here.

Ravens have been needing a center badly since Matt Birk retired in 2012. How do you celebrate a 10 year anniversary? By drafting a guy that can finally fill those shoes.

DT needs to be addressed, but no DT is available at this point so the Cowboys opt to take the 2nd best Safety off the board. Kazee, Kearse and Hooker have played well but are all on 1 year contracts.

Tampa doesn’t need many spots, but taking Battle will help out in the long run replacing Whitehead. Similar to drafting Joe Tryon in 2021.

(Stafford trade to Rams) Simply put, Lions need WR’s. And bad. Could also be USC’s London or Clemson’s Ross.

Arizona needs a CB almost as bad as KC does. Murphy has done a good job, but they need to fill the other side in a bad way.

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