Notes on Aching God (Iconoclasts #1) by Mike Shel

  • Auric Manteo – Retired hunter. Has been retired for 30 years after a disastrous mission, daughter (Agnes) kidnapped. Carries the djao sword, Szaa da shaela.
    • Glutton – Auric’s horse.
    • Margaret – Auric’s dog.
  • Agnes Manteo – daughter of Auric.
  • Del Ogara – Sorceress (killed by Eubrin)
  • Lady Hannah Dyre – Baroness of Daurhim. Former lover of Auric.
  • Lumari – Alchemist
  • Gnaeus Valesen – Swordsman (killed by Aching God)
  • Belech – Old soldier. Employed by lady Hannah. (Killed by Aching God)
    • Lugo – Belech’s horse.
  • Ilanda – Countess of Beyenfort.
  • Hraea – Captain of the Duke Yaryx ship for 15 years.
  • Gouric Messine(killed by Eubrin)
  • Eubrin – comedic relief, traitor. (Killed by Auric)

Quest based story. Reads similar to Kings of the Wyld.

  • Auric is on a quest to save his daughter.
  • Auric suffers from PTS nightmares from his time in The Barrowlands.
  • Plague caused by “golden egg” a relic from The Barrowlands.
  • Auric must return the relic to The Barrowlands to save people and daughter.
  • Get a small glimpse of ship life, swashbuckling. Ship battle with pirates.

Don’t reach The Barrowlands until around 50%

  • Othan – cave dwelling giants that eat anything
  • Manticores – humanoid head, lion body, bat-like wings and venomous tail.
  • Iconoclast – a person who destroys images used in religious worship.
  • Sin Eater – A person that absorbs the sins to clean the soul.

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