Wolfmantula, a short story

How I actually created the name is at the very bottom, but first, enjoy this short story I created of how Wolfmantula was born

I was driving home in the middle of nowhere in Texas on a dark and rainy night. The rain drops pegged on my window like a herd of wild horses being wrangled up on an old ranch. The lighting strikes were painting the road with blinding strikes and the thunder roared like a lion that was establishing his dominance on the herd.

The slick roads caused me to lose control of my vehicle, sliding off the road and into a ditch. Shaken by what just happened, I pulled out my phone to dial 9-1-1 only to realize there was no service out here. So I grabbed my jacket and got out of the truck to go see if I could find a place somewhere to get help.

After 2 miles of walking in what seems like the Storm of all storms and no cars in sight, I decided to go into the woods to at least let the trees cover me from most of the storm. While walking next to the road in the woods, I spotted a rock formation just off in the distance, I took off sprinting dodging trees left and right. Thinking in my mind, If there were animals near, hopefully I scared them all off! As I got closer, I noticed the rock formation had a small opening.

Praying that no animals or snakes were inside, I squeezed into the small opening scraping my elbow along the way in. Thankfully once I got inside there were no animals, but it looked like it might have been a den at some point before. My eyes started getting heavy, so I figured a nap would help, at least until the rain stopped.

While in a deep sleep, a piercing sting wakes me up. It was a stupid spider, a brown fury spider with its typical black markings… a Wolf spider. Although, it was a lot bigger than any Wolf spider I had ever seen!

It was still dark outside but the rain started to die down, as I stood up I started getting a piercing feeling in my back, that’s when I noticed that my arms had gotten a little harrier and my fingernails were a lot longer. My feet were starting to hurt so I took my boots off and my feet had gotten harrier and toenails longer. My face started aching and as I touched my mouth I could feel longer teeth, and then a long snout where my nose should’ve been. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME I SHOUTED, but all that came out was a blood curdling howl!

No words came out! But I knew what was happening. I was becoming a Wolf-man… apparently more Wolf than man!

The ache in my back intensified to a point that I couldn’t stand any longer, and that’s when I saw it. A long spider leg reaching over my body, I whipped around as fast as I could to see what was about to attack me, but nothing was there… and that’s when I realized that the spider leg I saw was connected to me! I am more than a Wolf-man… I am a Wolf-man-spider!

The long black spider legs didn’t look like a wolf spiders legs. It looked more like legs from a tarantula. So I whispered to myself I am some kind of Wolf-man-tarantula… a Wolfmantula! My stomach rumbled like an earthquake ready to erupt, realizing my life will never be the same since I am more beast than man, an alpha predator! I gave another blood curdling howl into the night and went to find my first meal!

This was a story I thought would be more interesting than the real events that made me create my name, but here goes:

I was trying to think of a name to go on the back of my men’s softball league jersey. I happened to come across the 2010 movie, Wolfman one night and thought to myself. What would be scarier than Wolfman? While thinking about this, I got a call from a friend of mine. That friends happens to have arachnophobia, and that’s when it hit me. A Wolf-man-spider, but not just any spider, a big spider, a tarantula! And so the name Wolfmantula was born.

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