Review: Voice of War (#1 Threadlight) by Zack Argyle

MY RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

40/50 – 2021 Goodreads Challenge

This has been sitting in my TBR for a few months after I discovered it in the last SPFBO, and I finally decided to move it up the list. I’m glad I did. This was such a fantastic start to a series and wow… that ending! 👀

Narrator has a Sam Worthington vibe and we get multiple POV’s and the characters are so well written:

Map from the Kindle edition
  • Chrys Valerian, a High General threadweaver, who has to face a dark demon inside of him called The Apogee along with having to save his family from the bloodthieves.
  • Laurel, a threadweaver from the Fairenwild who is a runner for the high council, but is also a Threadlight addict.
  • Alvarex, a man that was born achromatic (brown eyes, no powers) is killed and “reborn” as a threadweaver with special powers unlike the others.

“When you find a weakness, you wake up with the sun, grab it by the stones, and bring it to submission. Self betterment is the rarest form of ambition. I admire it greatly.”

The Magic system was very cool. (I have read it is a lot like Brandon Sanderson, I have not read any of his books so I can neither confirm nor deny this). But I loved that the Magic system is based on balance. Sapphire eyes who can push, emerald that can pull. Not only that but the veins in the body turn the same color as the eyes when using Threadlight… HOW COOL IS THAT!

The banter between Chrys and his companions will make you laugh quite a bit. Laz may be my favorite character in this book. Everything he says made me laugh.

“Life itself is a flame. Fickle as any. Some burn brightly and die swiftly. Some burn dimly and burn far past their need. In the end, all flames die.”

I had some minor issues with how some chapters ended and the next began, but nothing that I felt took away from the story or rating. All in all this was a fantastic Epic fantasy read that kept getting darker as it went along, and it’s unfortunate that it had heavy competition in the SPFBO. It could’ve been a winner.

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