Review: The Fall (#.5 The Bound and the Broken)

MY ⭐️ RATING: 4.75/5

FORMAT: Kindle Whispersync

You can get the ebook FREE by going to Ryan Cahill’s website (here) and subscribe to his mailing list.




The Order have watched over the continent of Epheria for thousands of years. But there are those who believe The Order has had its day. That it is corrupt, indulgent, and deceitful - that it is ready to fall. The City of Ilnaen is on fire. Dragons fill the skies. Traitors fill the streets. The Fall is a prequel novella that takes place four hundred years before the events in Of Blood and Fire - book one in The Bound and The Broken series.



My God, what a read! This is a page turner filled with action from the very begging until the very end! I started reading this on a rainy Sunday afternoon and finished it just a couple hours later. I did NOT want to put this down! Set 400 years before Of Blood and Fire we get a tremendous backstory of what happened to Ilnaen and the Draleid, and boy does Cahill deliver an epic story!

“The gods have not abandoned us, just as we will not abandon the people we swore to protect. If we die tonight, we die with our swords in our hands, staring into the eyes of the one who send us into the void.”

The characters were fantastic! In such a short story Cahill does a great job of making you get behind or root against the characters. If you’re like me, and read Of Blood and Fire first, you will see a few familiar names that you get to learn a little bit more about.
We get 4 POV’s and get to meet a bunch of Draleid’s and their dragons! Full grown, in your face, can feel the roar coming from their throat DRAGONS!
We also get a little more information on that eerie prologue of OBAF. That’s right, we get to meet the Knights of Achyron!

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