Review: Lady’s Ransom (The First Argentines #3) by Jeff Wheeler

MY ⭐️ RATING: 4.5/5

Format: Kindle Whispersync


In kingdoms at war, alliances are made to be broken in a thrilling novel of magic and dark conspiracies by the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Warrior’s Ransom.

Ransom Barton and his wife, Claire de Murrow, have arrived in Legault to reclaim the title that was Claire’s birthright. Claire intends to rebuild a war-ravaged palace to its former glory and to teach Ransom about the magical history of their new home. But when Ransom is summoned to return to King Benedict, his loyalty to Claire is tested. Fealty prevails, however questionable the king’s motives.
The ambitious Benedict, who controls his late father’s dominion, must prove his might. The warriors of the East Kingdoms have disrupted the trade routes, weakening every kingdom in their path. Benedict’s plan is to fend off a coming war through strategic alliances. But it’s Ransom’s post to keep the king’s allies—as well as his poisonous enemies—in line, even as Benedict’s defense may be inviting further chaos.
As the king’s power grows and Ransom’s rise in the council is secured, a shadowy conspiracy threatens to destroy everything Ransom has worked to build. Now torn between allegiance to the woman he loves and duty to king and country, which will Ransom choose?


I really enjoy Wheeler’s writing and story telling. He does a fantastic job weaving in historical stories changed into a fantasy setting and delivering yet another story that did not disappoint. The loyal Ransom has to juggle his personal life with Claire as well as help defend the kingdom of Ceredigion from not just one usurper to the throne, but multiple while King Benedict fights in a far off war in the East Kingdoms.

“The scion of King Andrew will be reborn through an heir of the Argentines. They will try to kill him. You are all that stands in the way.”

We are left with an unexpected revelation and a saucy cliffhanger at the end of the book as well. Like the others in this series, we get several teasers from other Kingfountain World and connecting more dots to what led to the events in the Kingfountain series. There’s also a very popular hooded figure that makes an appearance in the book.

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