Review: Death Rider (Gunmetal Gods #0.5) by Zamil Akhtar

MY ⭐️ RATING: 4.5/5

Format: kindle eBook

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A disgraced warrior seeks an honorable death on the battlefield, but an eldritch god has other plans for her.


This was a fantastic novella that was bloody, gruesome and brutal! The story was very interesting from the get go, starting off with our main character, Darya, in a lineup ready to be shot for failing the Shah. She gets a second chance by becoming a Death Rider, which is a suicide mission to die with honor. The onslaught that Darya faces as she’s a death rider is pretty graphic, but done so well that I was left amazed by everything that was happening. Flying body parts, fire bombs going off left and right, Fire arrows killing everyone, this was a bloody war!

“If you had any wisdom, you’d
know that something merciful would
never create the earth the
way it is.”

Zamil has done a fantastic job of world building in each of his books, as well as giving us compelling stories and characters, and Death Rider hits on every level that Gunmetal Gods and Conqueror’s Blood did as well packed within 100 pages. Then finishes it off with a huge twist that you don’t see coming, and reading this, you still won’t see it coming. I wish I could say more, but saying anything else would just start giving too much of this away, and it needs to be experienced!

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