Review: Oh, That Shotgun Sky (Songs of Sefate #2) by Sarah Chorn

MY ⭐️ RATING: 4/5

FORMAT: Kindle eBook



Days after the Boundary falls, six strangers converge in a one-horse town, all of them on the run. Some from the past, some avoiding the future. When men from Shine Company arrive to reclaim their own, these desperate travelers have to decide if they stand with the law, or against it. Men pull the trigger and blood spills. Fate pulls the strings and everybody dances.



I like the idea that Sarah had with this novella, by showing what is happening in the world after the fall of the boundary outside of the main story while also still having it tie in to it. It is exquisitely written and we get several new characters with multiple plot lines each dealing with their own issues brought on by The Shine Company. Prostitutes wanting to change their way of life and live free of the Shine Company, an outlaw who’s completely broken over the loss of his love and a Company man who is dealing with burnout.

My avenging goddess. My beautiful soldier. My Eloise dressed in blood, wearing a cloak of determination.
They may have cut our wings, but they forgot about our claws.”

As I stated in Of Honey & Wildfires, Sarah is a lyrical prose assassin, and that continues on in this novella. She doesn’t seem to back down from a challenge, writing three different plot lines with multiple characters in a novella had to be a tough job. Unfortunately, this just wasn’t as good as book 1 for me. Ned & Saul’s story I liked the most just because of the issues they were going through made me giggle. This was still good, just fell a little short for me compared to book 1.

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