Review: Blight Marked (Ethereal Earth #3) by Josh Erikson

MY ⭐️ RATING: 4.75/5

FORMAT: Kindle Whispersync



Becoming a target is never great, but it's a little worse when the people trying to kill you are technically the good guys.
Gabe escaped the Ether with the ultimate prize, and he thought that meant he was done with deadly cosmic games. But the nightmares infesting his life have different plans, and they're not asking nicely before dragging him back in. It turns out holding all the power in the universe doesn't mean much if you have no idea what to do with it.
So together with Heather, he embarks on a frantic race to collect the remaining six Iglas and stave off the coming darkness. And in the process, they discover just how much deeper their problems go. With new threats lashing at them from every side, and old ones tightening their grip, it becomes a contest against chaos to see who will dictate the future of existence: the assorted protectors of Earth, an all-consuming darkness.or a conman who would really rather not.



Josh really knows how to put a fun and exciting story together, filled with Star Wars and other one-liner puns that give the perfect comedic relief that Gabe is known for. But man did he up the ante when it came to the groups and creatures Gabe and his friends had to face! Zombies, a Kraken, a dragon and The Templars!

“wishing is not the same as doing–though it does scratch a similar itch and is therefore a dangerous habit to take up.”

The character throughout the series have all been fantastic, but there is a new one that we get to meet and might just be my favorite, Penny the water sprite is just the best! You’re going to love her too! Josh has done a really good job of doing his own narration, delivers another great job and even did a bit of flexing with his narrating abilities with one character that had multiple voices. Incredible work.

“I’ve faced monsters and demons and zombie constructs and a giant freaking dragon.and it turns out the most dangerous thing among them was me.”

I loved this! There was a spot where I feel like Josh missed a fantastic opportunity for Gabe to drop one of his quippy one-liners during the kraken scene. Not that missing it was bad, but knowing the character and how he reacts to things, I was a bit sad that a “I think we’re going to need a bigger boat” or a “release the Kraken” line wasn’t in there.

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