Review: Sandman, Act 1 by Neil Gaiman & Dirk Maggs

MY ⭐️ RATING: 5/5

Format: Audiobook


When The Sandman, also known as Lord Morpheus – the immortal king of dreams, stories and the imagination – is pulled from his realm and imprisoned on Earth by a nefarious cult, he languishes for decades before finally escaping.
Once free, he must retrieve the three “tools” that will restore his power and help him to rebuild his dominion, which has deteriorated in his absence.
As the multi-threaded story unspools, The Sandman descends into Hell to confront Lucifer, chases rogue nightmares who have escaped his realm, and crosses paths with an array of characters from DC comic books, ancient myths, and real-world history, including: Inmates of Gotham City’s Arkham Asylum, Doctor Destiny, the muse Calliope, the three Fates, William Shakespeare, and many more.


With an incredible cast of stars like Andy Serkis, James McAvoy, Taron Egerton, Kat Dennings and Michael Sheen, I knew this was going to be absolute fire, and it absolutely was, not only that, but Gaiman also did a fantastic job narrating! The score by James Hannigan was pretty fantastic and set the tone for every single scene, especially the beginning of every episode. Goosebumps is all I can say! I’m very excited to see how the Netflix show is going to be and how it’ll use the material source.

My brother and I listened to this on the way to work and on the way back home, while I was helping him for a few weeks. There were multiple times where we just didn’t want to get out of the work truck because where we would have to pause it.

I loved the multiple story lines that this tells and how they all intertwine at various points throughout. Doing this keeps Morpheus, who is the main character in the majority of this, as somewhat of a side character at times while we get to know other characters and their stories a little better. There is a lot of back and forth of time period changes within the different stories, so you do need to pay attention or you could get a little confused.

This was tragic, dark, slightly disturbing at times, and a bit humorous. Filled with tons of DC references and several historical figures to keep you pointing at nothing and saying “oh that’s cool that person is in this!” I definitely recommend this if what I just described is in your wheelhouse.

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