Review: Dreadgod (Cradle #11) by Will Wight

MY ⭐️ RATING: 3.5/5

Format: Kindle Whispersync


The battle in the heavens has left a target on Lindon’s back.
His most reliable ally is gone, the Monarchs see him as a threat, and he has inherited one of the most valuable facilities in the world. At any moment, his enemies could band together to kill him.
If it weren’t for the Dreadgods.
All four are empowered and unleashed, rampaging through Cradle, and grudges old and new must be set aside. The Monarchs need every capable fighter to help them defend their territory.
And Lindon needs time.
While he fights, he sends his friends off to train. They’ll need to advance impossibly fast if they want to join him in battle against the kings and queens of Cradle.
Together, they will need power enough to rival a Dreadgod.


This series has been one of my favorites to read this year, however, Dreadgod just wasn’t on the same level as the rest of the series with the exception of Soulsmith that also got 4 stars from me. The biggest issue I have is that it feels like a lot happens but at the same time, very little is actually resolved, leaving quite a bit for Waybound, the final book, to cover.

It started out with a bang and had my full attention, but then it just felt like it dragged on as we went through some training with several characters. While it actually is needed for the characters to progress and get stronger, it just made it feel like there should be more than 1 book left after this one. Eithan was also not present very much which took a little bit of the fun away that his character typically brings to the series. The ending also just felt a bit abrupt, which almost felt like Will was close to a certain page count limit so he designed a way for it to end as quickly as he could.

“I never blamed the Dreadgods for
what they do. Might as well blame
an earthquake or a storm.”

With that being said, the second half really saved this from being 3 stars for me. The first half had some good moments so don’t think that it was a terrible start by my criticism, it was still engaging. For starters, Travis Baldree is back delivering another masterful performance and I really don’t think this should be read any other way. Dross, who I felt saved the day in other books with his humor, does so again with an even funnier personality that comes in handy with Eithan’s humor that is missing, and I’m pretty sure I giggled at every one of Dross’s lines. The action was pretty outstanding, especially in the latter part of the book. Will gave some pulse-pounding battles that took up a good chunk of pages that left me wishing that the book was longer and filled with more battles. But it looks like that’ll have to wait for the final book that should be breathtakingly good.

I tried not to be too harsh on my criticism of the book, because it’s still a great addition to the series, there’s a part of me that’s crying because this just isn’t on the level of its predecessors.

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