Review: The Citrine Key (Dragon Spirits #.5) by L.L. MacRae

MY ⭐️ RATING: 4.25/5

Format: Kindle eBook


A stolen artefact.
An ancient dragon.
One man’s final chance.

Life-long thief Apollo Tamlin has been marked for execution. When the mage Queen Surayo offers him a pardon, he doesn’t ask questions – any task she has is better than a walk to the gallows.
Succeed, and not only will it preserve peace in his homeland, but Apollo can rebuild the life he’s ruined.
Sent to a distant continent to feed a stolen artefact to an ancient and powerful dragon spirit sounds simple, but things quickly start going wrong. His companions are not what they seem, the dragon would rather eat him, and the artefact displays its own magic – throwing the entire mission into peril.


The cover of this book is so eye catching and gorgeous, it just pops with the contrast of the gold and the dark blue background. The cover was one of the reasons I was interested in reading this, the other is that the author sent me a copy of the audio to book 1, The Iron Crown, and I felt like I needed to read this prequel novella before I started on the main story. I’m glad I decided to start here, because this was a great way to introduce the characters and the world of Tassar. In under 100 pages, MacRae sets a great pace and tone for a bone-chilling story of adventure and survival that left me salivating for more.

MacRae does a a great job with the dynamic of the 3 characters that we follow in this story, Apollo, Malora and Yorik each bring something a little different to the table while being surrounded by a bit of mystery that leads to some nice character building.

The Citrine Key was a very exciting story that had me reeling pretty much from page one, because it had a very Skyrim-like feel to it, and at times made me think of the game and felt like it could’ve easily been a mission. There’s plenty of action that was both exhilarating and intense, dealing with a dragon spirit that reminded me a bit of an ice wraith from Skyrim. Another thing that gave me a Skyrim feels was when there was chanting, it had that eery feeling when you got close to a “word of power wall.” I think me having this connection made me enjoy this even more.

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