Review: Wendigo (Blood of the Isir #.5) by Erik Henry Vick

MY ⭐️ RATING: 4/5

Format: Kindle eBook


Fate bound two men together-one white, one Native American-but destiny can be changed by those with the power of the gods.
John Calvin Black and Donehogawa are both brave, fair-minded men. They grew up together, teaching each other the principles of both cultures. They believe that, together, they can overcome any danger.
But ancient evils have returned to the forests of Colonial New York, and the two friends soon discover their knowledge, their principles, mean nothing in the face of ravenous hunger. They can’t win the battle, but they must fight it, nonetheless.
John faces an impossible choice: join the Wendigo or Donehogawa will die.


Before I say anything about the review, I just want to point out how wonderful the cover art of this book is, it is literally the reason I wanted to read this, it drew me in and I just had to see what was inside. What I love about this 55 page prequel short story, is that it’s a historical fantasy type story with horror elements based on Native American history as well as the legend of the Wendigo, a malevolent spirit creature that devours people. The tribe mentioned, The Onondowaga (pronounced: Oh-n’own-dough-wahgah) “Great Hill People.” is an actual tribe of the Seneca’s that occupied central New York.

Even though this was written 4 years before the movie, this reminded me a bit of the Hulu movie, Prey. There were a few things that caught my eye, firstly the indigenous tribes, which I’m proud were done it a respectful and honourable way, the settings of both around the 16-1700’s, though Prey was based in the Northern Great Plains (Montana, Wyoming, N & S Dakota) and this in central New York. Of course the main one that something is hunting them down. With that said, Prey is more about the Comanche, and Windego is more about the MC, John Calvin Black, who serves under a racist captain. Black is a very likeable character almost from the moment we meet him, as is Donehogawa, a warrior of the Onondowaga tribe. The dialogue between the two is fantastic, and helps make each one of them even more likable.

The legendary Wendigo

There are a lot of reviews comparing Vick’s writing to Stephen King, I cannot confirm or deny those similarities since I have yet to read anything by the legendary Mr. King. What I can say, is that this is a bloodcurdling story that will make you think twice about walking in the woods alone, might even make you think twice, period. Something else I saw a lot of and even Amazon stating that it is Norse & Viking myth. I’m not really sure where that’s coming from because I never really got a sense of that. Although I do feel that book 1 may lead to a little more of that Nordic/Viking mythos.

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