ARC Review: Mystic Reborn (Archives of Evelium #2) by Jeff Speight

MY ⭐️ RATING: 4.5/5

Format: Advanced Reader Copy


Some paths are meant to be walked alone.

After embracing his destiny as the last of the Paladins, Umhra the Peacebreaker is granted ancient powers by the gods. When he returns to the ruins of Antiikin to fulfill a promise, he embarks on a journey that will push the limits of his abilities.

As the Grey Queen’s arrival heralds the fulfillment of a prophecy that could mean the end of humanity, the kingdom of Evelium desperately needs a hero. Can Umhra once more rise to the challenge and save mankind from annihilation?


🚨 I received an advanced reader copy, provided by the author for an honest review. 🚨
This did not impact my rating in any way.

Where to start… After reading Paladin Unbound last year, I fell in love with this world that Speight has created, which is inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. And though I may have never actually played D&D, I feel like I have after being in this world of his. I had so much fun reading this, that once I was able to get some good sit-down time, I knocked out 48% in 2 days because I couldn’t get enough of it. Mystic Reborn soars above its predecessor, Paladin Unbound, in every way.

It’s a fast-paced, action packed, thrill-ride, filled with pirates, wyverns, dragons, giant guardians, and so much more! Just when you think the action was going to slow down, something else happens and will keep your eyes on the page even longer. Speight did such a fantastic job of setting every scene and making me feel like I was there with the characters going through what they went through. Speaking of that, I really have to say, Kalmindon sounds like such a beautiful place! When he went through that detail I was lost in my own head imagining how awesome it was. There also seems to be a bit of Greek-like inspired mythology with its petty gods squabbling with each other, caring only for themselves and not actually flawless like we’ve come to believe. Maybe it’s not inspired by that, but as a Greek mythos lover, I saw some similarities.

“Your loss is transient, like the passing of the seasons. As, in the depths of winter, one longs for spring, death eventually blooms for us all and we once more long for the frigid sting of life.”

I really enjoyed getting to know these characters even more, this time around. Uhmra is such a wonderful character and it’s impossible to not to like him. The dynamic between Alessa and Talus was great, and though I love Uhmra, Talus grew on me more and more as the story progressed. Jeff just does a wonderful job with these characters, but I will say this, without being too spoilery. There was one part where something happens to a character and then the next chapter it’s kinda undone. I felt like the second part could’ve been saved for the next book for a stronger effect. Back on to some good stuff, I LOVED the smaller chapters because it made it easier to find stopping points when I was winding down for the day, instead of stopping mid-chapter, I knew I could just make it to the end of it instead.

All in all, this was a fantastic character driven sequel with exhilarating action scenes, and part of an underrated series that I think more people need to jump into asap. If not for the one thing I am certain I would’ve graded this with a 5/5.

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