Review: The Blood of the Spear (The Eye of Eternity #1) by Mark Timmony

MY ⭐️ RATING: 4.75/5

Format: Kindle Whispersync


Two brothers. One prophecy. A world on the brink of destruction…
Kaiel Toranth is overflowing with regret. Absent during his mother’s final days he is determined to pass the Trials and join the elite Daemon Hunters, hoping to build a safer future for himself and his brother, Darien.
For centuries, the Summoners led humanity to heights undreamt of by their star-faring forefathers. But in their pursuit of power and immortality, ten Summoners opened a gateway to the Void and fell prey to daemonic possession. The war that followed destroyed the civilization the Summoners had built, and the Sundering changed the face of the world forever.
Three thousand years later the broken continent of Athmay still bears the scars of the War of the Summoners. When an unexpected battle with a daemon reveals Kaiel and Darien’s connection to a forbidden Summoner bloodline they find themselves on the run from friends and foe alike, for at the end of the war, seers foretold that the Summoners and the daemon hordes would return. And that an Empyros – the most powerful of all Summoners – would be born. If prophecy holds true, then the brothers may hold the fate of the world in their hands…


🚨 I was given a copy of this by the author as a review request, to which, that did not affect my opinion in any way. 🚨

My goodness, this was such a fantastic debut that actually took me by surprise a little bit. I knew coming in that this was going to be good based on other reviews and word of mouth, but I didn’t let those other reviews or people affect the way I was going in to this. But wow, once I started reading, I knew accepting the review request was the right decision and that I was in for something spectacular. If this is not on your TBR, you need to add it. If it is, then you need to move it up. If you only do audiobooks, that is in the works, so add it to your TBR anyways. No excuses. ADD IT.

I have to start with the fact that this is a character driven story and that the characters are just phenomenal! I love a story about brothers, especially one that has seeds of dissension. I guess it’s because Kaiel and Darien remind me a bit of my brother and I who are two hard headed dudes that come to disagreements a lot and believe our way is the right way, even to the description of the two, Kaiel reminds me of my brother and Darien of myself, aside from the height. So to see that on paper was pretty cool to see in a fantasy setting. And then you have the comedic relief type of character that is Sim, who definitely adds quite a bit of flavor to the mix. There are other characters as well, like Savaani and Meg who are going to play a major role in what is to come.

“Hope, while necessary, is by its very nature a wish. Do not spend gold on what hard work will get you for free.”

This story was so good, Timmony had me in the palm of his hand the moment this started. It’s such a fast-paced and exhilarating story that just keeps building and building, delivering constant action with some hair-raising scenes that are both brutal and bloody. If you’re a fan of classic fantasy and classic fantasy tropes, then this is going to be right up your alley. Speaking of the tropes, there’s a part that made me giggle a little more than it should’ve, and it’s when the author uses a character to poke a little fun of his own story being a cliché of classic fantasy. One thing that I thought was really cool that he added in to this is that there is a planet that exists/existed in this world, that is in the real world.

Timmony does a great job of world-building, it’s very intricate and creates a picture that’s easily seen in your mind as it’s being described on paper, and you can’t ask for anything more than that. The only area I had an issue with, was that some of the names of people, places, gods and other things were a bit tough at times, and took a bit to get used to them. With that said, it didn’t take me out of the story, but it was something that slowed me down at times. I’ll say this though, with the fact that an audiobook is currently in the works, I am 100% doing a re-read of this once that is available because hearing the voices and some of these scenes deserves good narration. After sampling a few of Eric Bryan Moore, specifically The Federation Trilogy, I’m excited to see how he brings this to life!

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