Review: Sin Eater (Iconoclasts #2) by Mike Shel

MY ⭐️ RATING: 4/5

FORMAT: kindle Whispersync



A year has passed since Auric Manteo descended into the haunted depths of a Djao ruin to return a lethal artifact, only to face down a bloodthirsty, imprisoned god. Now his daughter Agnes comes to bring him back to the capital with promises of hidden secrets finally revealed.
But the city decays, poisonous disorder is rife, and whispered prophecy foretells of cataclysm and doom. Summoned by their no-longer human queen, Auric and Agnes are commanded to carry out an impossible task, one that can be accomplished only with the mysterious blade Szaa’da’shaela, gifted to Auric on a lunatic’s whim.
Can Auric and his daughter survive a journey fraught with blood, menace, and madness? And can they pay the price demanded by a being every bit as evil as the Aching God?


Simon Vance once again does a great job narrating this series, and though the main quest is to kill another god, what really takes center stage throughout the book is the relationship between father and daughter. Auric’s realization that Agnes is a strong adult woman and not a weak and feeble little girl anymore, and Agnes worrying for her fathers well-being.

“Youth is sweet, but we lack the wisdom to truly savor it, eh? And before we know it, the sourness of the world poisons our palates.”

I enjoyed getting to have more than one POV and I liked how we got to see Auric’s changes from what he had to go through. I really liked Agnes as a character and what she brings to the story as well as a third mysterious character that comes into the fray. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed Aching God, I had a very hard time getting into Sin Eater. It starts off very strong and had me hooked the same way Aching God had me, but at one point I nearly ripped my hair out in annoyance as I had to hear the letters “L.O, S.A.U, H.A” repeated over and over for a good 5 minutes. The pacing also felt a bit sluggish after the first 10-15% of the story. The final 25% is what really saves it, I wish there were more parts in that other 60% that had that same energy. I had this down as 3 stars, but the way the last quarter of the book is, I couldn’t, in good conscience give it only 3 stars.

While this particular book in the series didn’t live up to how I felt about book 1, I do still plan to finish the series out once the audio becomes Whispersync available, because the final few chapters draw you back in and really lay it on to make you want to jump right in to book 3.

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