Review: Never Die (#1 Mortal Techniques stand-alone) by Rob J. Hayes

MY RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

48/50 – 2021 Goodreads Challenge

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📖/🎧 with kindle whispersync. It’s always good when you get a narrator that can deliver not only great characters with a wide range of voices, but the emotions to go along with them, and Kim Bretton did such a fantastic job delivering that!

A young boy named Ein is on a mission sent by the Shingami, the god of death, to remove the emperor from power. On that mission he seeks out heroes to help him on his quest… but the only way the heroes can join him, is if they die first. I am blown away by the Goodreads rating of this book (currently at 3.90), this book was far too good to have such a low rating.

“Think of it as a chance for the greatest glory, and as a way to save your lives.”

Never Die has been on my TBR for some time and I just kept pushing it back and back because of the rating. DO NOT LET THAT RATING FOOL YOU. I let it fool me for far too long and when I finally decided to give it a shot, it completely blew me away! I got a lot of video game and anime vibes from this, and you get that feeling from the very beginning. The Tekken/ Mortal Kombat vibes I got were from the fights which were so vivid, creative and exciting! I could honestly feel my excitement rising every time there was a fight like I was back to being a kid sitting on the floor with my brother as we played the video games, and there are a bunch of amazing fight scenes! This is fast paced and action packed from beginning to end and will leave you frothing for more, and I loved the way each hero has their own personal technique that makes them special! And MY GOD what a final 10%… I am truly mind blown 🤯

“The truer test is to do nothing when called to action. Though the reward is often thankless. I will protect those in need of it, and leave the glory to those more suited to it.”

The characters are fantastic as well, Zhihao (she-how) may have a slight advantage as my favorite because I love the reluctant hero trope and the banter he has with the rest of the heroes, especially Iron Gut, honestly kept me rolling. All the characters are great though, they each give the story their own piece of the puzzle that makes it better. Rob has now moved up into one of my favorites after reading this, so I now plan to go through his entire catalog lol.

“It takes a lifetime of evil to be a villain, and only one moment of good to be a hero.”

Below I left a bunch of quotes from the book that I had a hard time choosing from to add into my review. I couldn’t just pick 1 or 2, but I was able to use a few. These are the others that didn’t make it but deserved to be. So here they are in all their glory!

“The difference between the rich and the powerful was always made so much clearer by walls. The rich hid behind them, the powerful tore them down.”

“For there is a problem with reaching so high. The stars are distant for a reason. In the darkness monsters hide.”

“Immortality is subjective. Your stories will always be told. Your legend will never die.”

“Heroes were little more than fools waiting to find the one battle they couldn’t win.”

“Honour can be lost a dozen times, and regained. Life can only be lost once, and never regained.”

“One can either let their losses define them, or define those losses by what is left in them.”

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