Review: Paladin Unbound (#1 Archives of Evelium) by Jeff Speight

MY RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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The audiobook was released on November 22nd, and I was reminded by the author that it was ready. So I immediately jumped into it, and I’m glad I did! I also wish I had given it a shot before the audio was released as well. Adam Blanford does a great job with his character voices as well as separating the narrator voice to deliver a solid performance, one character I liked solely because of the Scottish accent used!

This Sword and sorcery, epic fantasy is the start of Archives of Evelium series, this makes me happy because after reading this, I definitely want more stories! Paladin Unbound is a really good fast paced story with lots of well written action, violence, gore and a bunch of great fleshed out, diverse characters. A really fantastic read and as someone that has never played D&D, this really makes me wish I had!

An orc as the protagonist? Well, half-orc… I love it! Orcs are almost always the bad guy, so I love that the author flipped the script and gave us Uhmra, who being a half-orc has to deal with discrimination while also being a warrior, the last of his kind, destined to save the world must deal with a deadly cult that is trying to resurrect their demon god! The author also does a tremendous job with his world building, as I read all I wanted to do was be in these places myself… which is probably why I wish I had started playing D&D long ago. But, I picked up reading at 32 (36 now) maybe it’s not too late to pick up D&D!

UPDATE 12/1/21: I had an issue with the map quality in the eBook, because of this, the author has provided a better, zoomable map on his website at for anyone that likes to follow along like I do.

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