Review: Tales of the Greatcoats #1 by Sebastien de Castell

MY ⭐️ RATING: 4.5/5

Format: Kindle Whispersync


A disgraced magistrate on the run. A daring
swashbuckler hunted by an unstoppable assassin. An investigator of the supernatural faced with a corpse that won’t stop dancing. Here are eight tales of the Greatcoats, legendary sword-fighting magistrates brought together by an idealistic young king and disbanded after his execution as a tyrant. Follow along through their swashbuckling adventures, their triumphs and defeats, their darkest hours and their moments of shining redemption as they struggle to bring justice to a corrupt kingdom.


Because I loved The Greatcoats series so much, I knew I needed to read this, it was such a great idea by de Castell making a full book of 9 short stories set in the world of the Greatcoats, rather than publishing multiple books. We get to hear the stories of new characters throughout the world of Tristia, as well as a couple familiar faces that we all know and love. We are also blessed with 3 narrators: Joe Jameson, Kristin Atherton & Chris Humphreys, who all do a fantastic job.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter whether forgiveness and grace come from a dead King or a town brute. Sometimes you just to hear the words.

One of these new characters that de Castell introduces, one of my favorites and can easily tell that it is one of the authors as well, actually gets a few short stories for himself as he travels to solve supernatural mysteries. My favorite short story of them all isn’t even his despite him being my favorite character in these stories. My favorite actually made me tear up a little at the end. If you love the Greatcoats Quartet then this is an absolute must read! All but one of these stories take place after the series, so these are not stories that fill in gaps in the books.

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