Review: Fate’s Ransom (The First Argentines #4) by Jeff Wheeler

MY ⭐️ RATING: 5/5

Format: Kindle Whispersync


Betrayal, war, and the risks of loyalty collide in the epic conclusion of the First Argentines series by the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Lady’s Ransom.
Ransom Barton has served three Argentine kings. The new successor to the throne is the ruthless Jon-Landon, a fallible strategist when it comes to war. After losing against the Occitanian armies, the king forces Ransom to bear the blame and removes him from the council. But Jon-Landon isn’t yet through with humbling the honorable knight of Ceredigion.
When a retaliatory battle succeeds, Jon-Landon invites Ransom back into his circle. Though Ransom’s Fountain magic is made stronger by his fealty, he’s once again forced to make a terrible choice. And this time, Ransom’s wife, Claire, and their sons could pay the price for Ransom’s loyalty.
But as tensions between Ceredigion and Occitania reignite and alliances at court begin to crumble, a desperate Jon-Landon discovers his only ally is the knight he betrayed. With the future of Kingfountain hanging in the balance, Ransom agrees to help. And as secret enemies reveal their endgame, Ransom knows that he may have to make the ultimate sacrifice for the survival of the Argentine dynasty.


This is the final installment of The First Argentines series, you can read & listen to every single book for FREE if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber. (I listed the reading order at the bottom).

Kate Rudd puts in another fantastic job narrating the story. Her voices and expressions are what helps make this such a fantastic series to read. She set off a whirlwind of emotions by her tone and the ache in her voice when she read many emotional lines making me ugly cry. Jeff Wheeler does such a tremendous job building his characters and this beautiful world that he’s created in this amazing world. This is considered YA, but don’t let that throw you off, because to me this is just clean adult sword & sorcery, historical fantasy.

“Many are called by the Fountain. But few choose to heed the call because the road is never easy.”

I’ve loved this series since the first book I read, which was Storm Glass of the Harbinger series. So this breaks my heart to say that it looks as if the world of Kingfountain is finally at an end. But if this series is going to end, this was a perfect way to end the series. This is a tragic story of courage, faith and redemption led by our favorite lionhearted hero, Ransom as he does everything he can to save Ceredigion and the Argentine line. This story will push you to the limits of your emotions of animosity, happiness and disparity, it will rip your heart out of your chest. As I stated above, I ugly cried, not just teared up a little, but it actually got me to legitimately ugly cry. Thank you Jeff Wheeler, for sending me on this amazing journey. I do hope that this is not yet complete, but if it is, you ended it in a spectacular fashion. Dex aie!

Below is the reading order for Jeff Wheeler’s Kingfountain world:

  • Kingfountain
    • The Queen’s Poisoner
    • The Thief’s Daughter
    • The King’s Traitor
    • The Hollow Crown
    • The Silent Shield
    • The Forsaken Throne
  • The First Argentines

    • Knight’s Ransom
    • Warrior’s Ransom
    • Lady’s Ransom
    • Fate’s Ransom
  • Legends of Muirwood
    • The Wretched of Muirwood
    • The Blight of Muirwood
    • The Scourged or Muirwood
  • Covenant of Muirwood
    • The Vanished of Muirwood
    • The Cyphers of Muirwood
    • The Void of Muirwood
  • Harbinger
    • Storm Glass
    • Mirror Gate
    • Iron Garden
    • Prism Cloud
    • Broken Veil
  • Whispers of Mirrowen
    • Fireblood
    • Dryad-Born
    • Poisonwell

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