Review: Ghostwater (Cradle #5) by Will Wight

MY ⭐️ RATING: 5/5

FORMAT: Kindle Whispersync



Long ago, the Monarch Northstrider created a world of his own. This world, known as Ghostwater, housed some of his most valuable experiments. Now, it has been damaged by the attack of the Bleeding Phoenix, and a team of Skysworn have been sent to recover whatever they can from the dying world.
Now, Lindon must brave the depths of this new dimension, scavenging treasures and pushing his skills to new heights to compete with new enemies.
Because Ghostwater is not as empty as it seems.



At this point I shouldn’t have to say it anymore, but Travis Baldree does an excellent job continuing to bring life to this world and the characters. Lindon takes on a much bigger role in the book, and we start to see a big change in Lindon’s character development as more than one dimensional, as well as his relationships with the other characters. But the side characters still outshine our MC. Eithan has a smaller role this time but a new character named Dross is introduced who oozes with charisma like Eithan. Yerin, Mercy & Orthos also had some bright moments with their development.

“The prize is an illusion,”he continued. “The mountain has no peak. You keep climbing and climbing until you fall off and break yourself at the bottom.
Highgold is one step, Truegold is another step, but there’s no end to it. You could walk forever, but every Path ends in a fall.”

This felt like Wight wanted to give his readers something that they missed out on in Skysworn, which was power advancement of his characters. He did a great job of that through some pretty epic anime style fight scenes. Wight also expands the world even more by sending them to a “pocket world” with new enemies and potential allies… but wow, that finish. 🤯

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