Review: Bloodline (Cradle #9) by Will Wight

MY ⭐️ RATING: 5/5

FORMAT: Kindle Whispersync


It’s time to go back home. In the years since Lindon left Sacred Valley, he has attained power beyond anything his family thought possible. Now he’ll have to put those powers to the test, because a Dreadgod is on its way. Lindon and his allies set out to evacuate the valley before the arrival of the Wandering Titan, but their sacred arts are weakened by an ancient curse. They’ll have to persuade the squabbling inhabitants of Sacred Valley to leave behind their home and set off into the outside world. But it has been a long time since Lindon left, and more has changed than he realized. He has always sought power to save his family….but now he might be too late.


It only took 9 books, but now I feel like Lindon is the star of this series. Don’t take that the wrong way, I’ve liked Lindon, I’ve just liked other characters far more, like Eithan, Dross, Yerin and even Little Blue. Lindon has finally become a favorite because of this novel, he really took a leap forward in his character development that has been much needed.

“Time doesn’t heal everything, but it does help. Never gets easy, though.”

This again, has exceeded its predecessor by now being my favorite of the series, but I feel like the next novel Reaper, and the next Dreadgod, and then the last one will do the same as well. Wight has really done a tremendous job of being able to do that with each novel of the series by expanding the world and his characters. There were also some outstanding battles sequences that happened throughout that put some major implications on the end result of this series, and I’m here for it. Also, HOW COULD YOU WILL, YOU MONSTER!!! 😭

Travis Baldree everyone… Travis M-f’in Baldree just keeps putting together a standing ovation type of a performance with his narration, time after time.

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