ARC Review: Bonds of Chaos (Threadlight #3) by Zack Argyle

MY ⭐️ RATING: 5/5

Format: Advanced Reader Copy


Bonds of Chaos is the final installment of the Threadlight trilogy, which begins with the multi-award-winning Voice of War.


When all was lost, the Heralds returned, and the world embraced them as gods and saviors. But there are some who know the truth: the Heralds are not what they seem.
Now, in a desperate attempt to stop them, Chrys and the others travel to Cynosure with hopes of enlisting the only Amber threadweaver with the power to help.
Chrys, Laurel, Alverax, and those they love.
Together, they will stop the gods…or they will die trying.


🚨 I received an advanced reader copy, provided by the author for an honest review. 🚨
Firstly, thank you to Zack for letting me be a part of the ARC team on this novel! I was so excited when I was selected for this honor, especially for being selected to receive a physical copy!
This did not impact my review in any way.

I love the fantastic world and characters that Zack has created in the Threadlight series, starting with Voice of War, an SPFBO-6 finalist in 2020, that I put into my top reads of 2021. Then he followed it up with the incredible Stones of Light in 2021, and now sadly, the story is coming to it’s epic conclusion in 2022 with Bonds of Chaos. It has been one exciting ride through this series, and this final novel did not disappoint one bit! There was non-stop action, mind-blowing revelations, and beautifully vivid descriptions of the world as our heroes make their journey.

Family is the main theme of this entire series, and it is reflected from the first chapter in Voice of War til the final chapter of Bonds of Chaos, and Zack does a fantastic job of driving that theme home. Chrys Valerian is such a fantastic character, he is the epitome of a man willing to do anything for his loved ones. Alverax, Willow, Roshaw, and Iriel are all also fantastic characters in their own right, but maybe my favorite characters of the series, is Laurel and her chromawolf Asher. I love them so much! Maybe because I love wolves and animal companions, but they are my favorites, and something about their bond is just magical! Speaking of the characters, Zack takes such care of his characters that he created, the development of each one of them throughout the series was truly amazing to see unfold all the way until the bitter-sweet ending. Something else I loved seeing, was all of the uses of threadlight by the characters throughout the story.

“No matter how dark the way may seem, there is always light beyond the bend, if you will take the steps to find it.”

Bonds of Chaos is an inspiring story of sacrifice and triumph that was perfectly executed in every way. I said in my review of Stones of Light that Zack took some major strides as an author, and I have to say that he took an even bigger step here with how deep and how well connected the entire series was. All these small pieces planted early on in the first two books were masterfully weaved into the final story to create amazing reveals for a jaw-dropping conclusion. The anticipation to turn the page to see what was going to happen next to our heroes kept growing and growing.

Finally, Something I love that Zack does in Stones of Light that he does once again, is add a “story so far” section. Aside from writing a great book, this might be the most important thing an author can do for their readers to help us get back into the world. Some may not need it, but for those of us that read 50+ books a year, this is a game-changer and should be a requirement for a series.

This is a story that will absolutely wreck your heart but at the same time, will make you walk away a better person. You NEED to read this book and series!
This will make my best reads list at the end of the year.

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