Review: Iron Gold (Red Rising Saga #4) by Pierce Brown

MY ⭐️ RATING: 4.5/5

Format: Kindle Whispersync



They call him father, liberator, warlord, Slave King, Reaper. But he feels a boy as he falls toward the war-torn planet, his armor red, his army vast, his heart heavy. It is the tenth year of war and the thirty-third of his life.

A decade ago Darrow was the hero of the revolution he believed would break the chains of the Society. But the Rising has shattered everything: Instead of peace and freedom, it has brought endless war. Now he must risk all he has fought for on one last desperate mission. Darrow still believes he can save everyone, but can he save himself?

And throughout the worlds, other destinies entwine with Darrow's to change his fateforever:

A young Red girl flees tragedy in her refugee camp, and achieves for herself a new life she could never have imagined
An ex-soldier broken by grief is forced to steal the most valuable thing in the galaxy~or pay with his life.

And Lysander au Lune, the heir in exile to the Sovereign, wanders the stars with his mentor, Cassius, haunted by the loss of the world that Darrow transformed, and dreaming of what will rise from its ashes.

Red Rising was the story of the end of one universe. Iron Gold is the story of the creation of a new one.



After taking a short break from the absolute brilliance that is the first trilogy, which is cemented into my top 5 favorite series of all time now, I decided to make my way back into the Saga that is Red Rising. So yeah, you could say I was pretty excited to come back into this world to find out what happens next after that jaw dropping revelation in book 3! In Iron Gold, 10 years have passed and we get to have multiple narrators, and you know what that means, multiple POV’s! With the retuning Tim Gerard Reynolds, the new narrators, John Curless, Julian Elfer and Aedin Moloney make their entrance into the series.

I don’t know if I wasn’t in the right frame of mind or if I just didn’t like this as much as the original trilogy, there was something about this that just wasn’t the same. While Darrow is still a part of this, we are introduced to new character POV’s, with Lyria, Ephraim and a familiar face in Lysander. Darrow is up to the same ol things from the original trilogy of making poor decisions over and over that cause all the issues going on, and Sevro is still his awesome self. Lyria’s pov was a bit slow at first, but as the story went on it got better, and there seems like there will be an even better pay-off with her character later on. Ephraim is a fantastic character that I enjoyed right away, and of course Lysander from the original trilogy who also is a very fantastic character that we get to see how much he’s changed.

“They say Republics are naturally eager to devour their heroes. I always thought my Republic was the exception.”

Because of multiple new POV’s there is a bit of a slow down with the action we are familiar with in the original trilogy to do some character building, but in typical fashion, Mr. Brown does a fantastic job of telling those stories that help lead to some great action later on. Something that I do love about this novel is that it shows a lot of the darkness that’s left behind from the consequences of Darrow’s actions during the original trilogy. It shows that not all is well despite how it ended. The one thing that annoyed me the most was the drawing out of reveals for characters that show up. Instead of saying who it is, we go through multiple pages before revealing a face from the past. While I don’t mind this type of thing, it was a bit anticlimactic and felt like the reveals could have been done immediately and got the same response. Also, it was done three times with three different characters, so I also didn’t care for the repetitiveness of it within a single book. It just felt overdone.

I will say that this is my least favorite of the series so far, but despite saying that it’s still a clear 4.5/5 stars. It would be disrespectful of me to give it anything lower than that with how much I liked it.

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