ARC Review: Of War and Ruin (The Bound and the Broken #3) by Ryan Cahill

MY ⭐️ RATING: 5/5

Format: Advanced Reader Copy


Solian ata’yar. Dauv ata’yar. Nur temen vie’ryn valana.
Live as one. Die as one. For those we’ve lost.

The city of Kingspass burns, and Calen Bryer’s world has been shaken to its core. With Valerys at his side, Calen must battle his demons and push forward. There are people who need him, people who need what he must become, and he will not let them stand alone.
In Loria, Ella struggles to understand the ancient power that flows through her veins. The world is changing around her and she is changing with it. Her journey has only just begun.
Thousands of miles away, beneath the mountains of Lodhar, assassins move in the dark as the kingdoms of the Dwarven Freehold ready themselves for war. Not everything is as it seems. Dahlen Virandr and Belina Louna have no choice but to unravel the mysteries of the mountain before everything crumbles around them.
Meanwhile, in Al’Nasla, Rist Havel learns the true cost of becoming an Imperial Battlemage. He will question every truth he has ever been told. He has never been a fighter, never been the one people look to, but he will fight for those he loves no matter what it takes.
With the Uraks ravaging the towns and villages of the North, Alina and Dayne Ateres prepare their people for war. They have been beneath a Lorian boot for too long. Valtara will be free. The wyvern of House Ateres will fly again, by blade and by blood.
As the continent of Epheria descends into war and chaos, Kallinvar struggles to come to terms with an immense loss. Despite the hole in his heart, he has no choice but to stand and fight. The Shadow is coming, and the Knights of Achyron are the only ones powerful enough to hold back the tide.
Unbeknownst to all, another force is rising – a force long thought tamed.
The Blood Moon is rising.

The balance of power is about to shift, and Epheria will never be the same.


🚨 I received an advanced reader copy, provided by the author for an honest review. 🚨
This did not impact my rating in any way.

Cahill is a shining star who’s light is only getting brighter. I have given some high praises in Cahill’s previous works, but my god, he has gone above and beyond my expectations of what this novel would be since my expectations were already through the roof. I mean, Ryan sent me through an entire range of emotional damage. I cried… I LITERALLY CRIED. Not just a tear drop, but a full blown ugly face cry. I cried for several reasons, for sadness, for pride, for happiness and for anger. I went on a rollercoaster of emotions through this as I was left jaw-dropped one moment, filled with pride the next, followed by heart-break, and then giving me the giggles. Yeah, I even laugh cried! I laughed on so many occasions because the banter between the characters, it’s just off the charts good. And not just one character, but a slew of characters throughout.

Cahill’s story-telling is like a game of chess, a master of his craft, and we’re all pawns in this game of the bound and the broken. The sprawling world of Epheria that he has created is complex, immersive, and intricately detailed along with extensive character work. The characters are wonderful and Cahill does a great job of giving everyone of them enough time to flesh them out and even make you feel feelings for the enemy! Not only are his characters wonderful, but he has an innate ability to create some of the best, scary creatures that lurk in the dark, that’ll get your heart racing! There are so many tie-ins to previous books as well as working in some fun pop culture Easter eggs. Remember, EVERYTHING MATTERS, so you must pay attention to the details. Like a game of chess, even a pawn can be a powerful tool.

“The only thing within our control is what we choose to do with the short time we have-the things we fight for, the people we love, the things we hold dear.”

Cahill just continues to improve as a writer, this is grimheart at its finest, it’s just dark enough with hate and suffering along with some good ol blood, death and mayhem, but at the same time there is passion, courage and above all else, hope, and the sheer scope of it all will suck you in. 432,000 words… that’s almost 1500 pages, according to Amazon, which is more than Of Blood and Fire and Of Darkness and Light combined. Don’t expect some kind of slow-burn, because this is far from it. Multiple POV’s, massive battles, WYVERN BATTLES and yes, MORE DRAGON BATTLES! There was one scene in particular where I could hear Iron Man by Black Sabbath playing in my head as the scene played out, might be my favorite scene in the entire book, and that’s saying something, because there are a ton of amazing scenes. Part of me is a little empty now that this book is over, a bit of a Rakina, a broken one, because I have to wait until around May to hear the audio, and even longer for the next book to come out, which I’m at a loss for words by how he is going to exceed my expectations once again.

Honestly, this had to be one of the best books I’ve ever read, and what I love most is that this is more than just a book or series, it’s an experience… it’s an experience that every reader should be a part of. I have an incredible lineup for this year of some classics I’ve never read, but I may have already found the #1 read of the year and it’s only January. If he wasn’t already, Of War and Ruin, has solidified Cahill as one of THE top authors in all of fantasy. With that being said: Du vyin alura anis, myia yíar. “You can rest now, my friend.”


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